Customization is our specialty!  We offer a wide range of mixer accessories and the ASC Tornado™ brand is assembled at our custom tool & die, machine building and fabrication facility  So… if you can think of it, we are up to the challenge!  Call us today at (717) 259-0112

ASC Tornado™ Blades

ASC Tornado Patented Adjustable Blades
ASC Tornado Patented Adjustable Blades

ASC Tornado™ Adjustable Blades

Our patented blades are available in a wide range of widths, heights and thicknesses; customized for your shaft diameter. 100% stainless steel!
ASC Tornado Anti-Kick Mixer Blades

ASC Tornado™ Anti-Kick Blades

For hand-held mixing, our 100% stainless ring helps keep users safe by preventing the blades from kicking off the inside of drums and pails, ensuring smooth, steady mixing.
ASC Tornado™ Folding Blades

ASC Tornado™ Folding Blades

Our 100% stainless steel patented folding blades are available in a wide range of configurations for both bung entering and plastic tote mixing applications.
ASC Tornado™ adjustable industrial mixing blade

Adjustable ASC Tornado™ Blades w/Shaft

Available in a wide range of configurations and sizes. Shaft includes a milled flat along the entire length allowing user to adjust top blade to any location. 100% stainless steel!
ASC Tornado Custom Pressure Pot Conical Blade

ASC Tornado™ Pressure Pot Blade

Replace your standard pressure pot blade with a more efficient stainless steel ASC Tornado™ Blade! Custom made to mirror the interior contour of your pressure pot ensuring excellent agitation even when pot contents are low.

Available in a wide range of configurations and sizes. 100% stainless steel!

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Mixer Motors, Gear Reducers, Mounts and More ...

ASC Tornado™ industrial mixer drum cover

Drum cover

Available in 1, 5, 15, 30, 55-gallon sizes. Available with observation port, stainless steel handles, couplers, siphon tube access collars w/set screws, hinged access and much, much more!
ABS Plastic Tote Cap

ABS Plastic Tote Cap

Includes rubber seal and removable threaded bung opening.
Motor Mount Accessories

Motor mounts

Assorted styles support both 3/4 and 1-1/2 horsepower motors; customization available to support any size!
Shaft Couplers Mixer Accessories

Shaft Couplers

In a limitless variety of sizes, these are available in 303 or 316 food grade stainless steel; includes 4 setscrews for securing shafts of all sizes!
Painted Lifting Plate

Painted Lifting Plate

Allows for safer and easier maneuvering of non-elevated mixing units.
Mixer C-Clamp Accessory


Supports both 3/4 and 1-1/2 horsepower motors for open drum applications.
Mixer Support Handle Accessory

Support Handle

Replacement handle for 3/4 and 1-1/2 horsepower horsepower handheld units. Check out our Quick Mixers HERE
Mixer Brass Needle Valve Accessory

Brass Needle Valve

Pneutrol needle valve with a fine thread, tapered needle allows a wide range of flow adjustments. A locknut prevents unwanted changes in adjustment.
Stainless Siphon Tube Steel Collars

Siphon Tube Collars

Available in a wide range of sizes, these stainless-steel siphon tube collars include a setscrew to help lock tubes in place during use. These are welded permanently onto drum covers in the location of your choosing.
Stainless Steel Threaded NPT Fittings

Threaded NPT Fittings

Available in both male and female as well as a range of sizes, these are a great addition to any drum cover for a variety of siphon or pumping needs. They are welded permanently onto drum covers in the location of your choosing.
Angled and Straight Bung Adaptors

Bung Adaptors

Available in both straight and angled (7 degrees), these are threaded directly into standard 55-gallon drums to ensure a perfect fit for both center and off-set drum entry. Included jam nut secures unit and prevents loosening over time.
Stainless Steel Threaded Bung Mount

Threaded Bung Mount

Need a standard 2” threaded bung access in your drum cover? This makes the perfect solution! With several sizes available, these are welded permanently onto drum covers in the location of your choosing.
Stainless Steel Lifting Handles

Lifting Handles

These stainless-steel handles allow for safer and easier maneuvering of mixing heavy units. Whether pneumatic or electric, these are customized to be a perfect match for your unique build.
Gast Pneumatic Motors

Gast Pneumatic Motors

Since 1921, Gast has been an industry leader in pneumatics and are known for their reliability. Available in both lubricated and non-lubricated, the come in a wide range of power outputs. Call today to discuss the best match for your application!
Boston Gear Reducer

Boston Gear Reducers

With well over a century of experience, Boston Gear is known for their extreme reliability. They are available in cast housings, weight saving aluminum or food grade stainless steel and come in a range of ratios to meet your target RPM needs.
Numatics Multi-Directional Pneumatic Valve

Numatics Multi-directional Pneumatic Valve

This durable pneumatic enhancement takes your elevator control to the next level! It has detent positioning that allows air to be either sent to the motor OR to the elevator, all in a single valve control.  This adds an element of safety by preventing an operator inadvertently leaving the motor engaged when the elevator is being raised and presents a great upgrade to the economical toggle switch design.
Leeson/Grove Gear Reducers

Leeson/Grove Gear

Need more torque while reducing unit weight and footprint? Leeson/Grove Gear reducers could be the solution for you? These vertical reducers have a small footprint making them great for 5-gallon applications. They come in an all-aluminum housing making them very light and a great pairing for electric applications. They also include Mobilgear synthetic oil and are considered “lubed for life” reducing maintenance time. A wide range of ratios are available; give us a call to see what works best for your mixing needs!

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