Here are a few things we think you might like to know about Industrial Mixing with our ASC Tornado™ mixers and patented blades ...


ASC Tornado Patent Blade efficiency illustration

The above video was submitted to us by one of our valued customers to demonstrate why they choose only ASC Tornado™ Blades for their industrial mixing applications.

A conventional propeller blade does not mix as much as it moves material out of its way.

Our patented ASC TornadoBlade actually draws the material through the blade, achieving superior mixing capability. Instead of spinning the material out of the way, the blade works like an unchambered pump and thoroughly mixes the material. This Tornado™ action enables you to mix at substantially lower speeds and reduces mixing time by 50-80%!† Let the ASC Tornado Blade Technology save you big $$$ on air and electrical costs!

  • Superior craftsmanship
  • Over 45 years of machine and tooling experience
  • Over 20 of years industry leading experience with custom mixer manufacturing, care, and delivery
  • Exceptional durability and long life
  • 304 stainless steel
  • 316 stainless for food grade and beverage applications available
  • Patented blade design
  • Exceptional dispersing capabilities
  • Greater agglomerates breakdown
  • Reduce mix time by 50%-80%†
  • Decreases air & electric consumption by 50%†
  • Easy cleanup
  • Competitive prices
  • Satisfaction guaranteed and ALWAYS made in the USA!
† compared to conventional propeller blades
ASC Tornado Patented Adjustable Blades

ASC Tornado™ Adjustable Blades

Our patented blades are available in a wide range of widths, heights and thicknesses; customized for your shaft diameter. 100% stainless steel!
ASC Tornado Anti-Kick Mixer Blades

ASC Tornado™ Anti-Kick Blades

For hand-held mixing, our 100% stainless ring helps keep users safe by preventing the blades from kicking off the inside of drums and pails, ensuring smooth, steady mixing.
ASC Tornado™ Folding Blades

ASC Tornado™ Folding Blades

Our 100% stainless steel patented folding blades are available in a wide range of configurations for both bung entering and plastic tote mixing applications.
ASC Tornado™ adjustable industrial mixing blade

Adjustable ASC Tornado™ Blades w/Shaft

Available in a wide range of configurations and sizes. Shaft includes a milled flat along the entire length allowing user to adjust top blade to any location. 100% stainless steel!

Sizing a Mixer

The diameter of the blade should be 1/3 the diameter of the tank. For heavier materials, the blade diameter should be increased to allow maximum flow for the most efficient mixing.

Air Supply

Air hose should be 1/2" ID (Inner Diameter) minimum and as short as possible. Avoid using coil hose because of air pressure restrictions. 

Air Motor Maintenance

An FRL (filter, regulator, lubricator) is required to maintain clean, lubricated air. 10W high detergent oil is recommended.

Air Motor Pressure Settings

Air motors operate most efficiently with controlled air input of 70-90psi.

Gear reducers

For a more viscous material, a gear reducer is required. The gear reducer transfers high RPM to low RPM, and low torque from an air/electric motor to high torque. This enables the blade to move at the desired speed to mix efficiently. ISO-460/SAE-140 weight synthetic oil is recommended for our gear reducers.

Air Motor / Gear Reducer

Air motors operate at 3,000 maximum effective RPMs. When using a gear reducer (10:1 ratio @ 300 RPM; 20:1 ratio @ 150 RPM), speeds can be controlled by adjusting the air flow through the needle valve.

Electric Motor / Gear Reducer / Speed Control Settings

Electric motors turn constant at 1750 RPM. To control fixed speeds, a gear reducer is required (10:1 ratio @ 175 RPM; 20:1 ratio @ 87 RPM). If variable speed is desired, an inverter duty motor and gear reducer is required. Speeds can be controlled from maximum output RPM to 0 RPM. To learn more about our electric motor options click here.

Sizing Tanks

Round (48" x 52")

  1. divide Diameter by 2= Radius
  2. Radius X Radius X 3.14 = Area
  3. Area X Height = Cubic Inches
  4. Cubic Inches divided by 231 = Gallons

Square or Rectangle (48" x 48" x  52")

  1. 48 X 48 X 52 = Cubic Inches
  2. Cubic Inches divided by 231 = Gallons
Drum barrel illustration


As a general rule of thumb, we follow the formula described below for calculating the mixing rate in gallons per minute of material moved through our patented mixer blade. By using this mixing formula, you will see why the ASC Tornado™ is the most effective and efficient mixer on the market.  We also have a handy calculator down below, just plug in your information and we'll do the calculation for you.

D = blade Diameter 

H = blade Height

N = Number of blades

RPM = Revolution Per Minute (shaft speed)

231 = Cubic Inches per gallon

V1 = Volume displaced per revolution

V2 = Volume displaced per minute

G = Gallons displaced per minute

² = Squared

∏ = 3.14

V1  = (D/2)² X  X H X N

V2 =  V1 X RPM

G = V2/231

Example: ASC-BRBG 2 blade 12" x 4" at 100 RPM

(12/2)² X 3.14 X 4 X 2 = 904.32

904.32 X 100 = 90,432

90,432/231 = 391.48 GPM displaced


Blade Diameter
Blade Height
Number of Blades
Revolutions per minute

Valued Displaced per Revolution (V1)


Valued Displaced per Minute (V2)


Gallons Displaced per Minute (G)


55 Gallon Drum Mixers


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